Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Teacher, licking dirty!"

I have noticed that a few of my 5 year old boys in Apple class have recently developed a crush on me. Every time I walk into class, all of them call out, "Hannah Teacher, come here please!" I walk over to them and they put out their hand, reaching for mine. As we lock hands, I feel something wet, and look down to realize the boys are licking my hands and arms. All of them hysterical with laughter, as if they came up with this plan before I came in. "Why are you licking me?" I ask them, and their response"Hannah Teacher I love you!"

Instead of starting the phonics lesson yesterday, I thought I would teach them the difference between 'licking' and 'kissing.' I taught them the word lick, comparing it to a puppy who licks your face and licking an ice cream cone. Licking an in ice cream cone is okay, licking Hannah Teacher is not okay. If you love someone, you can kiss them. Kissing in class (innocently, obviously) is okay but licking, not so much. Then one of my kids Eddie raises his hand and says, "Teacher, licking dirty!" Thank you, Eddie.

Since we have had our licking v. kissing lesson, my boys still raise their hands and command me over to them when I enter the classroom. When I tell them no, I will not come over to be licked they say, "no Teacher, to kiss!" and they give me a kiss on my hand.

Most action, I've gotten all week!

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