Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Is This Real Life?

Summer vacation came and went faster than I thought it could. Being so close to my 6 month mark in Korea I was due for a little R&R. The trip to Boracay consisted of a flight to Manila, a flight to Kalibo, a bus ride from hell, a boat ride to the island and then a final ride in a tuk tuk to the hostel. I was blown away by the fantastic white beach, weather, restaurants, shopping and nights out with a San Miguel in hand. All and all, it was an amazing vacation and the post-travel depression has yet to subside.

Here are a few photo highlights (skinny dipping pictures not included):

The trip ended with zero hours of sleep, scrambling to finish packing, dragging heavy suitcases to the ferry, getting rained on, forgetting my ray bans in the hostel, all under the heavy influence of that 3 dollar bottle of rum (it was a good idea at the time).

Job well done Boracay, see you next time.

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