Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello Kitty

Before moving to Korea, I never thought I would develop such a large crush on an animated character. Yes, people, I have come to love, and not just love- obsess over Hello Kitty. Before moving here, I was never a huge fan of the cat and always judged my friends (cough, Lucy) who had Hello Kitty memorabilia.

I've always been a Nijntje (Miffy) fan- I was exposed to the character by my little cousins in Amsterdam. I even brought a stuffed Nijntje back from Holland, so lets be honest, my love for Hello Kitty, came as a shock.

Teaching 6 year old Korean children has really gotten the best of me. I now own a Hello Kitty fan, markers, ball point pens, notebooks, stickers, stamps and have purchased 3 cell phone charms. Currently, there is a large Hello Kitty face, dangling from my cell phone.

I print out coloring sheets everyday for my kids- and yes 80% of them are Hello Kitty, but the kids love them and so do I, so I figure, why not embrace the cute cat with the perfect bow?

Today in class we talked about dreams. I asked my class what they dreamed about and whether their dreams were good or bad. One of the girls told me that she often dreamed about Hello Kitty and how her dreams were always very good.

The cat does wonders. (But Nijntje I still got your back!)

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