Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Power of Kimchi

There is a 'cabbage crisis' in Korea. Shut the front door. The country is running out of cabbage. Who would have thought this would be so devastating? Heads of napa cabbage are going for $10-$14 each due to the mass amount of rain we've had in the past couple of months. Usually a head of cabbage is around $4. This is a disaster for the country because Koreans, literally, cannot live without their kimchi. Apparently, a man outside of Seoul was arrested for stealing 10 heads of cabbage-now that is dedication.

Kimchi usually consists of cabbage, which is fermented in chili paste and garlic. It is a side dish (banchan) that is served everywhere, at every meal- for free. It is even available to the kids at lunchtime. I think it is their favorite part of their lunch. Koreans are obsessed with the stuff. They eat it hot or cold, in soup or mixed with rice. Instead of smelling coffee in the morning when I walk into the office- what do I smell? You guessed it- fermented cabbage.

I'm not going to lie- I like the stuff; but Korea better get their hands on some cheaper cabbage soon- otherwise, we're in for some real problems.

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