Friday, April 30, 2010

a little appreciation

This week went by incredibly fast, as they all have been since I've been in Seoul. On Monday, I was told that I was supposed to start teaching a new class on MWF, but then the day of, it was cancelled due to not having enough students enrolled. I was pretty relieved to not have as much work on my hands, but then again the extra $150 would have been nice every month.

Thursday, I received a gift from one of my students in Apple class. I opened it and to my surprise it was a gift card to Lotte Department Store, for 200 dollars, yes I said 200 dollars. I was shocked and almost felt guilty accepting it. Inside was a card, in Korean, which said something along the lines of "Thank you Hannah Teacher for doing a great job so far. My son is very happy at school and loves his class." Since, Teachers Day is coming up on May 16th more and more gifts should be coming my way. It's nice to feel so appreciated, but $200 is a little extreme (not that I'm complaining.) To be honest, I would have been just fine with candy :P


  1. $200!?! That rocks!! You rock those little kids' socks off, Hannah Teacher!! ;)

    So what exactly is Apple class? Apple as in "one a day keeps the doctor away?" Or as in my sister has an Apple named Jim? lol

  2. All of our classrooms are labeled as different kinds of fruit, so I teach Apple and Kiwi class :)