Tuesday, May 4, 2010

changing it up

This week at school we switched homerooms. Now every morning I am greeted by Apple class. I now eat snack and lunch with them (which is a joy because Kiwi completely cleared out all of the food), grade their homework, pack up their book bags and send them on the bus every afternoon. I have been teaching for 2 months now, and never thought I would develop such an attachment to these children, already. I already miss Kiwi class. It has only been 2 days since my partner teacher and I switched homerooms, but already I have developed a feeling of sadness when I do not get to hang out with the kids in Kiwi as much anymore. At lunch, they have been wandering into my new room and sitting on my lap and telling me that they love me. Now, I will just see them once a day from 11:40-1 and then every Tuesday for science class. Although, I will miss my babies, I am super excited to get to know Apple class more. Already, they are growing on me, and I feel they are becoming more and more comfortable with me. Who knew I would love this job so much? I already feel like these kids are my family and when I wake up every morning I definitely know that they are the reason why I am here.

Apple class (minus Eric) not the best picture of everyone but gives you a good idea of my new homeroom


  1. Ahhh I love Apple Class! They are all soooo adorable...and preppy! lol Aside from that one kid in the emo outfit with the black jacket over his rainbox tee :)

  2. ahhh they're so cute!!!!! i love all their personal styles. <3