Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup 2010

After losing last nights game, S. Korea is officially out of the cup. The past few weeks have been a blast in this country. Everyone in Seoul has been sporting bright red t-shirts, bandannas, glowing devil horns and face tattoos.

I was able to catch the first game vs. Greece at City Hall Plaza among thousands of others shouting, “dae-han-min-guk!” (Korea!) Luckily, Korea defeated Greece 2-1.

City Hall Plaza

I watched the Argentina game in my apartment writing report cards, listening to the shouts outside.

The Nigeria game aired at 3:30 AM and I was awoken at 5 AM to cheering and yelling and for once I wasn't angry about being woken up.

Last nights game was spent in Apgujeong, sitting in front of a 711 on plastic crates because all the bars were full in the area. We decided to ditch City Hall due to the pouring rain. At half time, we snuck into a bar and we were able to catch the rest of the game standing in the back of the room. Luckily, we were able to see the goal scored by Lee-Chung-yong. Everyone was screaming, jumping up and down, giving high fives and hugging each other. There was so much happiness in the room I didn’t want it to end. Although, South Korea ended up losing, the game was intense and exciting and the love these people have for their country really is what means the most.


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