Monday, January 3, 2011


My recent trip to Thailand exceeded all of my expectations. Great people, parties, beaches, culture, shopping and of course, great food. Thai food has always been my favorite, and I couldn't wait for the day to actually have the pleasure of eating authentic Thai food in Thailand. I usually will eat anything and am open to try new things but I have to admit- on this trip, I stuck to the basics. I just couldn't get enough of my favorite pad Thai, spicy curries and tom yum goong soup. How can you blame me?

Here's some Thai food porn from the trip: drool and enjoy!

Pad Thai from an outdoor food market in Bangkok- with tiny dried shrimp. My favorite one of the week.

Spring rolls with spicy sauce from Chatuchak Weekend Market

Thai iced tea with sweetened condensed milk

Rice, rice and more rice.

Roasted duck curry- to die for. Pretty sure I ate the entire bowl.

Banana nutella roti- best thing I've ever put in my mouth. Basically a crispy doughnut with bananas on the inside fried in oil and a massive amount of butter. Then smothered with nutella. Heaven.

Chicken Pad Thai

Red Chicken Curry

A Koh Samui candy given to me by our adorable cab driver. Made out of sugar and coconut milk, he said they were a specialty on the island and decided to give his last two candies to me and Haley.

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