Saturday, January 15, 2011

Teacher, tea is delicious?

On Thursday my students had to partake in a Korean etiquette lesson. They all came to school in hanbok, which is traditional clothing usually worn on special occasions and holidays. The hanbok was so beautiful with its silky material and bright colors. The four 6-year old classes sat on the floor, together, in a circle and learned how to properly bow, pour and drink tea. Most of the students took the lesson very seriously, sitting with perfectly straight posture and sipping their tea ever-so elegantly. It was amazing to watch. Children in America could never be so dignified. You can hardly get older children to drink tea, let alone 6 year olds. And bowing to your elders and family? Never. It was amazing to see such culture beaming out of such small people.



How are you today?

Hair accessories.

사랑해^^ <3

Bowing practice


Waiting to pour tea.



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