Wednesday, November 24, 2010

snack time!

This is one of my kids all-time favorite snacks- fried ramyeon noodles flavored with seasoning.

It comes in a few different flavors- chicken, sausage, spicy and what looked like steak. I tested out the chicken flavor...

First, you have to break up the noodles- it's easy to do between two hands but some children like to violently beat the bag on a chair or desk. Once the noodles are broken you add the delicious, sodium filled flavor package. And last, you close the bag and shake it up so the delicious powder is distributed evenly. There are many times when I walk into the classroom and there are noodles and powder everywhere from the process of putting this snack together.



Every time we go on a field trip, the kids always bust these snacks out of their bookbags and start ferociously shaking them up and passing microscopic pieces of noodles out to their friends. The noodles are pretty tasty and addicting, but I wouldn't say it was worth the 410 calories per bag.

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