Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Yesterday, Haley took me to a cafe called Bauhaus in Hongdae. This was not your ordinary cafe. Bauhaus is a dog cafe. You walk inside and you think you are stepping into a kennel. Walk through the puppy fence and you have at least 20 dogs barking and running towards you. You sit down in a big, comfy booth and are immediately attacked by dogs of all sizes. This would totally not fly in the US.

There are about 15 or so dogs that live in the cafe but people often bring their dogs to Bauhaus to hang out and play with others. The cafe also has babysitting.

Entrance to this cafe is free but you are required to order one drink. I got a peppermint tea but was way more excited about being around dogs for the first time in 9 months. At first, it made me a bit homesick and I was really starting to miss my dogs at home. Then I looked around and realized 1. there are dogs running around on the tables 2. people are eating and drinking while dogs are peeing on the walls around them (no worries- employees immediately cleaned it up) and 3. these dogs don't understand English. It was weird to see that the dogs in this cafe didn't recognize "good boy" or "sit." I wonder if they realized we looked different?

Dog cafe-such a great concept, and was worth every slobbery second.

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