Tuesday, November 23, 2010


In-spite of the current events (which are just a little bit unsettling...) I made an incredible dinner. I love cooking, but it has been really difficult cooking here without an oven and with only a small pot and a pan. I've been aching for some soup (one that is not flavored with octopus, anchovies or small dried shrimp) and recently purchased a massive amount of beans at the foreign food market in Itaewon. I bought lentils and split peas. So tonight, I whipped up some lentil stew. It was supposed to be soup- but I forgot how much lentils soak up all the liquid...guess I added too many?

the end result

It turned out better than expected. Sometimes, there is nothing better than a hot bowl of soup (or I guess stew?) and bread for dippage.

The new time change is really making it difficult to talk to everyone at home. It's 11PM now and only 9AM in Maryland and I'm already exhausted and could barely make it through skyping with my mom and dad. I didn't realize an hour would make such a difference!

night everyone! xoxo

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