Thursday, February 3, 2011

Locks of Love

One of my favorite things about visiting N Seoul Tower is getting to see the locks of love. Attached to the fences surrounding the tower are different kinds of locks with messages, names and dates written on them. These locks are symbolizing the love between couples. They put their locks on the fence, throw away the key and vow never to separate. It's amazing to see all of the locks, new and old, attached with pictures and anniversary dates. Everyday new couples add their locks to the fence and trees surrounding the tower. The locks symbolize what is important in life.

Seoul is the city of couples; young and old, it is rare to see a woman without an attractive man on her arm. Walking around the streets of Seoul, it is hard not to get annoyed by the canoodling couples walking by in matching outfits. As a single woman living here the lovey-dovey atmosphere sure gets nauseating but it's hard not to enjoy. One thing I've learned about this city is that, Seoul is in love with love.

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