Friday, February 18, 2011

Street Food

Haley and I checked out Gwangjang Market last weekend for some serious street food. I hate to say this, but I really don't eat enough Korean food. My fear of ordering in restaurants without pictures on the menu has taken over and now I'm really regretting it.

Gwangjang Market


Dried Fish

Gwangjang is one of Seoul's oldest markets, and was full of textiles and tons of food. Haley and I wandered for awhile before we really started to get hungry. We decided to go for it and sat down at a food stall with tons of mandu (dumplings). Before we knew it, a little old lady whipped up some mandu-noodle soup. She steamed up the mandu and noodles in hot water and added, what could have been the best broth I've ever tasted and topped it with some gim (seaweed). Delicious! As I slurped down every noodle, I wondered why I hadn't been doing this more. Not 5 minutes later, another Korean lady started feeding me kimchi with her trusty pair of scissors. That's right- scissors in my mouth.

Yummy soup!

Bean sprouts


After the soup, there was something else I knew we had to try. Gwangjang Market is known for one thing: Bindaetteok (빈대떡). This delicious piece of heaven is made out of mung beans, onion, garlic and other vegetables. It is fried to golden perfection in hot oil and served immediately with marinaded onions. It reminded me of potato pancakes I've eaten in the past, but this was surprisingly made of ground up beans. Delish!


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