Saturday, February 12, 2011

Waffle Coma

With only a few weeks left in this country, I have been doing quite a lot of eating. I want to be sure I try and eat all sorts of Korean specialties before I'm stateside again. One known favorite food in Korea is the waffle. No, not your typical dried out Ego waffle cooked in a toaster. These waffles are big, fluffy and warm and usually served with ice cream, fruit, cream and different kinds of sauces. Waffles are served almost everywhere, but mostly in coffee shops. The waffles are usually so big you have to share. I told my coworkers that I hadn't eaten waffles in Korea yet and they were determined to find the best waffle in the city.

That they did.

The Giant Alligator

Thanks Haley for the pictures^^

They took us to Butterfinger Pancakes, a breakfast joint in Apgujeong. We ordered the "Giant Alligator." The cost was about 27 dollars and included 10 waffles, each with a heavenly cream cheese filling. Then surrounding the waffles were four gigantic scoops of ice cream: green tea, vanilla, raspberry and cookies and cream; two scoops of whipped cream and sauces with real fruit: strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, banana, orange, pineapple, and blueberry. The gigantic plate came to the table and the four of us squealed. We had no problem finishing it off, along with our four giant coffees. I've always had a major sweet tooth- so this dish was right up my ally. If I'm ever going to eat waffles again- its going to be just like this; no more maple syrup and dried out Egos for me.

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